Why Do Escorts Keep Relationships with Bad Boys?

Why do Escorts often keep Relationships with Drug Dealers and Bad Boys?

Escorts. They’re beautiful, lithe, and often incredibly smart and savvy women who know how to get what they want. They willing lather attention or may even sell their bodies to male clients looking for warmth and companionship. Many men would die to get closer to an escort that they’ve gotten emotionally attached to. In fact, these men often have stable jobs, routine lives, and good personalities. So why does it seem that, time and time again, many escorts end up dating “bad boys” or drug dealers?

Believe it or not, escorts often have trouble keeping a romantic life and their work life separate. When an escort finds a loving man, either through her profession or by chance, it’s hard to tell that loved one that she’s engaging in romantic acts with other men as a career. Often, good men descend into jealousy quickly, despite trying to remain open-minded about his partner’s job.

Bad boys, on the other hand, might not care about an escort selling herself: in fact, he might openly enjoy that aspect of her daily life and encourage her to keep pursuing it. In this way, escorts who remain with good men might get persuaded to change careers or break up. Meanwhile, escorts who date bad boys or drug dealers are enabled to keep pursuing the line of work.

Another reason why escorts end up with the wrong guys is that they operate in social circles that attract very unscrupulous people. Often, high-status men in these social clubs are drug dealers or have other types of run ins with the law, since they are able to afford the standard of life that many escorts demand. Escorts attract clients from dangerous places, so it makes sense that they’d have the most interaction with these types of men.

Probably the most salient reason escorts get with these men is because of their attractive personalities. Many of these men cultivate charisma, charm, and affected authenticity that is attractive for women. They may shower the escorts with attention and gifts, which is a compelling quality for many women.

One famous research study, dubbed the “Cellphone Study” demonstrates that, while women like good guys, they are more willing to have intense and spontaneous relationships with men on the fringes of society. These men provide an exciting opportunity to have new romantic experiences and are more sexually enticing.

Not all escorts like seedy men, but those who do may experience frequent break ups, only to get back in a relationship with the same type of man. This creates the illusion that escorts only choose bad men because the duration of the relationship may be short. Since the partnership runs out quickly, it seems that escorts date a lot of bad men. Escorts who get with good men, on the other hand, tend to stay in those relationships for a longer period of time.

If you know an escort in a relationship with a bad guy, she may talk often about the negative characteristics of the relationship or flaunt the positive aspects frequently. This is because the partnership is intense; there are many more exciting stories to tell about bad guys than good ones, because good partnerships are generally more stable. Escorts advertise their conflicting feelings about bad guys much more often which creates the sense that there are no escorts with good men.

All in all, the reason that escorts fall into relationships with bad men or drug dealers is because these men are charismatic, the partnerships are short in duration, escorts run in the same social circles as bad guys, and escorts with good men may get persuaded out of the career. If you know an escort with a bad guy, ask her why she is attracted to him and why she may not be so enticed by men with more stable personalities. The reasons are more complex than traditionally thought.